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  • Contemt Petition No. 310/2018 in Vijay Haror case of merger of EA & SEA cadres came up for hearing on 20.09.2019 before Delhi CAT. Court has given last opportunity to govt to file reply, and fixed next date of hearing on 22.11.2019.

  • STAY on Recovery & Refixation: Delhi High Court, vide order dated 13.09.2019 in WP(C) No.9890/2019 filed by AADEE, has granted STAY on operation of judgment dated 01.08.2019 of CAT, Delhi passed in OA No.2449/2018. Next date of hearing is scheduled for 23.01.2020.

  • OA No.702/2014 filed by B.K.Roy & 2 others before Patna CAT for grant of 1st ACP in the Scale of Rs 10000-15200 analogous to Assistant Surveyors/Assistant Engineers of CCW of AIR & DD is dismissed by order dated 01.08.2019.   Click here for the  Judgment.

  • AADEE's OA No. 2449/2018 for stopping refixation and recovery of pay was disposed of by CAT, Delhi on 01.08.2019 passing a retrograde order. The CAT has said that upgradation of pay by MIB's order dated 25.02.1999 shall be counted as one MACP in total 3 MACP available to employees. The CAT has also ordered to redetermine pay scales in place of pay scales of 25.02.1999.  Click here for the Judgment.

  • Those who retired on 30th June are eligible for grant of one increment on 01st July with all consequential benefits including Pensionary benefits.    (1) Judgment dated 15.09.2017 of Madras High Court in WP(C) No.15732/2017      (2) Judgment dated 23.07.2018 of Supreme Court in SLP No.22008/2018      (3) Judgment dated 08.08.2019 of Supreme Court in Review Petition No.1731/2019.

  • WP(C) 2034/2017 (DGAIR vs Shyamali Biswas) opposing 3rd MACP in GP 5400 was listed for hearing on 18.07.2019. Govt has requested for more time to file rejoinder in the case. Next date of hearing is 03.11.2019.

  • Benefit of grant of NFU in GP 5400 after 4 yrs service in GP 4800 is admissible even if GP 4800 is availed by way of ACP/MACP, as decided by Madras High Court vide judgment dated 06.09.2010 in WP(C) No.13225/2010 and approved by Supreme Court vide judgment dated 10.10.2017 in CA No.8883/2011.   (1)Judgment of Madras HC dtd 06.09.2010         (2) Judgment of Supreme Court dtd 10.10.2017  

  • PB Secretariate writes to all PAOs not to attempt refixation/recovery of pay after withdrawing MACP, on tbe basis of clarification dated 28.06.2019 of CCA, MIB.    See Order dated 03.07.2019 ob PB Sec.

  • Merger of EA & SEA wef 01.01.2006: Next date of hearing in Delhi high Court in WP(C) No. 8712/2018 titled UOI vs Vijay R Haror is 15.10.2019. The Govt. counsel did not appear for hearing on 03.07.2019. CAT, Delhi had refused to close Contempt Petition No. 310/2018 in OA No. 282/2018.   (1) Click here for the Order of HC.       (2) Order of CAT, Delhi dated 10.09.2018.

  • CGHS Cards are valid for consultation, issue and indent of medicines and referral and endorsement throughout country.        See circular of DG:CGHS dated 21.06.2019

  • The Central Govt seems to be adamant to retire deadwoods after 50 years of service by applying FR-56(j) and Rule 48 of CCS(Pension) Rules,1972     See DOP&T Order dated 20.06.2019

  • In OA No.559/2015 of K.V.Anandan,SEA, the Ernakulam CAT denied him MACP 2 & MACP 3 in GP 4800 & GP 5400 respectively.     CAT judgment dated 14.06.2019

  • Merger of Sr.Tech/Tech/Diesel Tech/Mast Tech: Prasar Bharati has recommended to MIB for merger of 4 cadres in the new post of Junior Broadcast Engineer. See Order dated 28.05.2019

  • ACP CASE: Patna CAT has passed an Interim Order on 17.05.2019 to DGAIR, in OA No. 283/2018 filed by B.K.Roy, H.K.Mishra & Sudhanshu Kumar, to withdraw their order dated 13.05.2017 envisaging refixation of pay by withdrawing benefit of ACP.  DGAIR has issued order on 15.05.2019 in compliance of the CAT's interim order.    (1) DGAIR's Order dated 15.05.2019.      

  • MACP admissible from 01.01.2006: The Delhi High court vide judgment dated 01.05.2019 in WP(C) No.3549/2018 has reaffirmed that MACP, being part of pay, is admissible wef 01.01.2006.   (1) Judgment of Delhi HC dated 01.05.2019       (2) Judgment of Supreme Court dated 08.12.2017

  • Pay Fixation of Tech/Sr.Tech: It seems wit is at large in DGAIR when they issued one more ambiguous order dated 11.03.2019 in the name of clarification to their order dated 07.02.2019. The DGAIR did not say in the recent order as to which notional pay scales shall be allowed wef 01.07.1983 and 01.01.1986 to Tech/Sr.Tech which was once clarified by them vide order dated 11.03.2014. Click here to view DGAIR's Orders  (1) Order dated 11.03.2014    (2) Order dated 07.02.2019    (3) Order dated 11.03.2019

  • PT No. 56/2019  filed by UOI at Delhi CAT for transfer of OA No.185/2018 of Sh. K.N.Gupta, AE from CAT, Jaipur is disposed of by CAT, Delhi on 26.04.2019. It will hence be heard at Jaipur on 09.07.2019.

  • OA No.2575/2018 filed by Yogesh Kumar & ARTEE before CAT, Delhi (after dismissal of CP No. 715/2015 in OA No.2479/2015 & WP(C) No.5168/2018 filed by ARTEE) is scheduled for hearing on 06.08.2019. The case is for grant  of stay on refixation/recovery (on operation of MIB order dated 31.01.2018) by withdrawing one MACP after treating pay scale of 25.02.1999 as one "upgradation" equivalent to MACP.    (1) Order dtd 01.12.17 in No. 2479/2015   (2) Order dtd 01.12.2017 in CP No.715/2015    (3) Order dtd 15.05.2018 in WP(C) No. 5168/2018    (4) Stay granted on 13.07.2018 in OA No. 2575/2018.    (5) Interim Order dated 22.04.2019 in OA No. 2575/2018  

  • WP(C) No.2671/2017 filed by UOI challenging CAT, Delhi's judgment dated 27.10.2016 in OA No.1348/2015 allowing Diploma + 10 yrs of service as Degree in Engg. to CPWD personnel, could not be decided on 06.03.2019. The next date of hearing is scheduled for 22.10.2019.

  • All Assistant Engineers (Retired or serving) of AIR & DD with GP-4800 in PB-2 are eligible for grant of NFU (Non-functional Financial Upgradation) with GP-5400 in PB-2 on or after 01.01.2006 on completion of 4 years of service as AE.    (1) General Order 18.12.2017 issued by DGAIR     (2) Order dated 19.01.2018 issued by DGAIR for Retired AEs.

  • NFU in GP-5400 after 4 yrs service in GP-4800 in not countable in MACP : Order dated 22.12.2017 of Delhi High Court in W.P.(C) 9357/2016 of Hari Ram & others vs Registrar General of Delhi High Court. Click here for the judgment dated 22.12.2017

  • WP(C) No.11639//2017 filed by Shyamali Biswas, SEA(Rtd) in Delhi High court against recovery of Rs 6,89,000 from her retirement benefits has been decided on 12.11.2018 in her favour. The High Court has ordered to repay the recovered amount with 9% interest within 2 weeks. Here is the Judgment  



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