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  • Promotion Lists from SEA to AE: Promotion of 169 SEAs under SCF quota and 282 SEAs under LDCE quota has been released by DGAIR after sitting over it for 9 years.  Click here for lists  (1) Seniority Cum Fitness Quota     (2) LDCE Quota 

  • NFU in GP-5400 after 4 yrs service in GP-4800 in not countable in MACP : Order dated 22.12.2017 of Delhi High Court in W.P.(C) 9357/2016 of Hari Ram & others vs Registrar General of Delhi High Court. Click here for the judgment dated 22.12.2017

  • WP(C) No.11639//2017 filed by Shyamali Biswas, SEA(Rtd) in Delhi High court against recovery of Rs 6,89,000 from her retirement benefits has been decided on 12.11.2018 in her favour. The High Court has ordered to repay the recovered amount with 9% interest within 2 weeks. Here is the Judgment  

  • Consolidated guidelines on Stepping up of Pay : DOPT's OM dated 26.10.2018. Click here for the order dtd 26.10.18

  • Accumulation of Earned Leave beyond 300 days is in order: "Although total number of EL encashable on retirement is not more than 300, there is no limit on accumulation of EL to the credit of employees"- orders Punjab & Haryana High Court in CWP No. 13702 of 2014 on 05.10.2018. Click here for the Judgment.

  • "Govt. has no power to withhold Pensionary Benefits if a departmental or judicial proceeding is pending" -orders Supreme Court on 14.08.2013 in CA No. 6770/2013 @ SLP(C) No. 1427/2009. Click here for the Judgment.  Click here for the Judgment

  • Merger of EA & SEA wef 01.01.2006: Delhi High Court & CAT, Delhi are tough on Govt's negligence & disobedience of Court's oreder: In WP(C) No. 8712/2018 titled UOI vs Vijay R Haror, the Delhi High Court has asked the Govt. to explain why it failed to complete merger of EA & SEA by now. CAT, Delhi also refused to close Contempt Petition No. 310/2018 in OA No. 282/2018.   (1) Click here for the Order of HC.       (2) Order of CAT, Delhi dated 10.09.2018

  • Those retired on the preceding date of their DNI are eligible for grant of "one increment notionally" for calculation of pensionary benefits. (1) Click here for Madras High Court's judgment dated 15.09.17          (2)Click for Supreme Court Judgment dated 23.07.18

  • Those retired on 31.12.2015 are eligible for benefits of 7th CPC with regards to fixation of pay as on 01.01.2016 and payment of retirement benefits thereafter.  (1) CAT's judgment in OA No. 571/2017.         (2) Supreme Court's judgment in WP(C) No. 1155/1987

  • 6th CPC: MOF(DOE)'s clarification on Entry Pay for direct recruits appointed on or after 01.01.2006 and Pay Fixation in case of persons other than such direct recruits.  Click here for the OM dated 28.09.2018 

  • The DG:AIR vide order dated 17.05.2018, had extended upgraded pay scale of Rs 6500-10500 to all the EAs who had joined department till 05.10.2007 after 25.02.1999. It has however clarified that this will be counted against one MACP out of 3 eligible to them. Click here for the order.

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